Heather Poole’s Cruising Attitude

Cruising AttitudeTraveling by air is not a matter of luxury but becomes the only means at times…atleast in United States. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen parents attempting or not attempting to calm their hyperactive children, passengers throwing unwanted fuss including discreetly throwing up into the blankets. I’ve seen Flight Attendants both nice and not so nice. Rambling apart, I found this book for 3$ on Amazon and jumped at the chance to read some non-fiction. The reviews were positive and having read one or two snippets of Poole’s blog, I was impressed with the content.

Cruising Attitude is Heather Poole’s story of her life as a Flight Attendant and the situations she and others in her capacity encountered on a daily basis. And that is the crux of the book. The book starts off on a great note but 7 chapters down, the story failed to hold my attention. It became quite tedious to get through a chapter at lunch breaks as the story became too verbose with nothing new to impart. It was like reading a book on Information Systems in Engineering…theory in a monotone.

The positives – If you are aspiring for a career as Flight Attendant then this is a must read. Ms. Poole gives you insights and in depth description on what goes on with training, possible reasons why you meet someone at training one day and discover they are missing the next and most importantly procedures that you get trained on. It also imparts valuable information on seniority and your life after training. All this is nice for someone who’ve been there done that or who wants to be there.

The negatives – It certainly doesn’t work for those who prefer light reading or readers who don’t require so much detail on what goes on in the airline industry but want to merely read on about unruly co-passengers and flight crew who handle such situations. I bought the book thinking of this and instead what I got was a 101 on the life of a Flight Attendant. Some one should perhaps write a 101 about Life in IT industry. Thats bound to cure insomnia pretty quickly! Or maybe about the Flight Attendants of Indian Airlines…that’s bound to make passengers sit up and take notice!

Miss Buncle’s Book

MissBunclesBookHave you ever wondered how each day holds some significance in your life? They do hold some meaning for me so to speak – Sunday is a mix-mix since I start dreading having to go back to work starting Sunday evening, Monday brings the blues, Tuesday brings ambiguity, Wednesday marks the transition into the weekend mode while Thursday turns out to be that long bridge to cross over to the weekend. And Friday brings in the excitement of late nights, watching TV/reading and cocktails!

And then there is waking up late on Saturday and Sunday to the smells of fresh filter coffee, savoring each sip while contemplating my activities for the weekend. There is also the excitement in heading out for a brunch or catching up with a movie at the AMC.

Considering that personal life is a zero on weekdays, I tend to hold onto weekends dearly… valuing the time and space that weekends afford me.  And with this I should stop musing and write up my next post which is, D.E. Stevenson‘s Miss Buncle’s Book.

I’ve never known the joys of living in quaint, quiet suburbs much apart from knowing that it gets boring after awhile. Having always managed to live in downtowns where life buzzes by on fast pace, the rolling hills and quaint cottages hold a strong fascination for me. What better way than to feed my craving for a laid-back life than to read D.E. Stevenson’s “Miss Buncle’s Book”.

Barbara Buncle is considered ordinary and mostly ignored by 80% of the denizens of Silverstream, a quaint little village at the foot of the hills. So when this 40 something spinster decides to take up writing to make ends meet, her book creates a whirlwind of fury and indignation amongst the 80% of the aforementioned residents. The ensuing publicity works both in favor and against for Buncle…while it boosts her morale and personal life, it makes her life miserable in Silverstream. Stevenson’s book describes how an ordinary book with an extremely ordinary story affects the residents’ lives and impacts their personal relationships for better or worse.

I loved how the characters and their relationships were vividly portrayed setting that instant connection with readers. While Barbara is defined as the primary protagonist, all the characters are paid ample attention. It is as if Barbara pulled a trigger that set off a sleepy village into a frenzy. In the end, Barbara does get her happy ending at the price of moving out of Silverstream which from her perspective was becoming unbearable. While the book is marketed for its humor quotient, it is perceivable only if you are engaged in the book. This is one of those books that needs to be read sitting in a cozy settee with a cup of chocolate or perhaps tea and cake. I’m yet to dig up the 2nd book of the Buncle trilogy, but guess I’ll leave it for later this year.


My first acrylic was Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. I wanted to keep the colors a little simplistic and so chose my favorite blue with white.