Wordless Wednesday – The Mask

At a Mask boutique, Grand Canal Shoppes in The Venetian, Vegas

Wonder what the smile means…

@Grand Canal – Stillr.com


Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring

Though its late but not too late, here’s R&I’s take on Spring 2014 for the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

These lovely tulips were planted by our condo’s garden society this Spring.

Spring in NJ (Src – Stillr.com)


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Angelopolis – Danielle Trussoni

angelopolis coverI was enthralled by Angelology (book#1 of the Angelology series) primarily for its unique storyline and the possibilities of an alternate yet more realistic universe. While reading this novel, I couldn’t help but think that the Romanovs would follow pretty soon, and follow they did! Angelopolis picks off after a 10 year gap following the events of Angelology which see Evangeline’s transformation into a Nephil and Verlaine into a feared Angel Hunter. The narrative is built taking into account the lost treasures of Noah that include a seed catalog full of seeds of extinct flora and on Angela Valko’s secrets.

The story was most definitely interesting and the most crispest 2nd novel in a series. While Danielle Trussoni deftly kills off her characters in the most painful skirmishes, she does try to maintain the balance by throwing in new characters. The narrative though made it seem as if people came out of nowhere onto the stage and exited just as quickly. This frustrated me at times as I had to go back and forth between chapters to understand the connections based on the limited dialogues. A little more detail or background on the characters might have been helpful!

There was the Romanovs’ connection owing perhaps, to the mystery surrounding the family and their connection with Rasputin which added flair in its own manner. Faberge eggs was another interesting touch as Trussoni adds plenty of history on their creation, meaning and significance though it seemed that Trussoni was working in a hurry leaving an unappealing cliffhanger which can be interpreted in a myriad ways. Evangeline gets minimal attention than desired although the plot traces her ancestry. Verlaine as the lead character is given plenty of room to develop from a stubborn Angelologist with conflict of interests to what might seem to be a merciless Angel Hunter. I do seriously hope that book 3 gives a good closing to this much anticipated fantasy fiction.