The Four Graces

4gracesIt feels good to get back to blogging…atleast it would if I continued to blog. I left off at writing my thoughts on DE Stevenson’s The Four Graces which has this beautiful cover. The cover was so attractive that I bought the book without any hesitation.

The story seems more like an episode or a short series which focuses on the lives of the 4 Miss Graces – Liz, Sal, Tilly and Addie. The Grace girls live in a cozy Vicarage with their father Mr. Grace, the parson of Chevis Green. It begins with a wedding where Tilly notices a wiry young man eyeing her sisters. And before she realizes the enormity of that single event, Roddy Herd soon enters the quite Sal’s life. This is followed by the entrance of the big and rather clumsy archaeologist William Single who although unsettles them at first, soon wins the Graces’ hearts.

Stevenson tactfully introduces romance in a gradual fashion using events like the village fete to settle her characters in addition to establishing the relationships in the open. Its a book that is very close to The Little Women in terms of the all the key character personalities but that is where the similarity ends. The Four Graces was a quick and enjoyable read. Having read The Little Women, I felt Stevenson intended it for light reading leaving the  readers with the choice to either love or hate her protagonists.