Read but abandoned

Recently I came across another blogger who indicated that it is ok to mention books that a reader may not necessarily like or even enjoy for whatever the reason. So I have listed the 2 books which I recently attempted to read but abandoned mid-way due to excessive content which contributed immensely to my gradual lack of interest. The honor goes to the following books:

tdpThe Divorce Papers – Susan Rieger’s book chronicles the divorce proceedings between a Daniel and Mia Durkham, an upper middle-class couple with old money and heritage. The book also adds in the way of entertainment, the personal life of Sophie Diel, the lawyer who is unwittingly pulled into handling this high-profile case. While it was interesting to read about the divorce proceedings, somewhere down the lane, I had this feeling that it might not be beneficial for my psyche to read a very negative book so early in my marriage. And therefore, I abandoned it with much relief.

The other book that had nothing to do with divorces but everything to do with the genetic links between insects and humans is

soslSex on Six Legs – Marlene Zuk’s informative book on insects and their social life was a book that was on my To Read list for probably a year and half. Having enjoyed reading Olivia Judson’s Dr. Tatiana’s Sex Advice to All Creation courtesy Eva’s blog, I was eager to read Marlene Zuk’s work. Maybe its just that I had high expectations or I was reading this book at the beginning of a reading slump…whatever the reason, I started to snooze a few minutes into the book. The chapters were sub-divided into smaller chapters but the highly monotonous description gave the air of reading a Post-doctoral thesis instead of a light-weight non-fiction. Besides, the library I borrow from wasn’t very lenient on the timelines, and due to all these reasons I abandoned the book. Truth be told, I am not even certain if I’ve ever pick up where I left off.