An IT consultant by day and an avid reader and amateur painter by evening, my entry into the wonderful world of reading was quite late. Given that there are few libraries in my home city and bookstores that even managed to sell such diverse variety of works, it was no wonder that I got hooked on to reading after moving to the United States. Everyone has an American dream and mine was having a good job, traveling with hubby, adopting a doggie and last but not the least immersing myself in the wonderful world of reading. I have met both proponents and opponents of reading and I will say this for the opponents – Reading definitely enriches you in many ways…your knowledge, soul and peace of mind. It helps you understand the world in more ways than non-fiction and management books can.

While Jane Austen, Enid Blyton and JK Rowling will remain my all-time favorite authors, I have found myself adding other novelists such as Gail Carriger, Georgette Heyer, D.E.Stevenson, E.F.Benson and a lot more to my ever growing home and digital library. The limitations of shelf space in my apartment have prompted me to build up my digital library on Kindle and there are times I just enjoy looking at the covers just to feel that sense of owning a copy of the book. I dabbled in sketching and painting, and this is one another American dream that I intend to follow through in the coming years. Till date I’ve experimented with watercolors, acrylics and oil painting, and although I seem to find a sense of comfort with oils and acrylics I haven’t given up on watercolors just yet.

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