Wordless Wednesdays – Startrails 14

R’s first take of Star Trails at Shenandoah NP. It was a pitch black night and this was taken amidst occasional cars weaving through the park in search of Wildlife which included a lot of Black Bears.

Star Trails (Src – Stillr.com)

Wordless Wednesdays – A Lone Bunny

Part of the Millennium Park is under renovation and as a result you don’t see as many Bunnies as you normally would in the Parks. But this lil fellow/gal was out scurrying in the cold rain and I just happened to cross his/her path.

Lone Bunny (Src – Stillr.com)

Wordless Wednesdays – A day in Zion

May 2014 has been a busy time as R&I covered 5 National Parks, of which Zion was one. This photo of the Virgin River was taken on our hike to the Emerald Pools. Visit Stillr.com to view more pictures from our trip.

Virgin River at Zion NP (Src – Stillr.com)